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With my two sons at my elder son, Alex's Wedding, in Palm Springs, California

With my sons, Alex & David, at Alex's Wedding


An intrepid multi-tasker, Sarah B. Parsons started Papers of Note in 1984 while editing books at The New York Times.  

"I learned more than anyone needs to know about paper, type and print methods while working in the book publishing industry. Putting that knowledge to work for my clients -- helping them express themselves on paper by creating exquisite personalized stationery and invitations -- thrills me!  

I love working collaboratively and firmly believe (perhaps unwisely) that when it comes to paper products, anything is doable. Whether we use letterpress, engraving, digital or thermography print, each invitation, each piece of stationery is designed and created to fit my client's vision...and budget."

Little Known Facts

Though Sarah claims her favorite movie is The Big Chill, her actual favorite is The Sound of Music.

She loves any and all social activities, yet often feels quite shy.

Sarah misspelled her (now ex-) husband's last name on their own wedding invitations. She didn't realize it until her mother-in-law asked if she had learned how to spell her new last name. Mortified, she now obsessively checks the spelling on each and every order!